“Nursing has been the foundation for all that I do. It gave me an opportunity to make a difference and actually see it." 


—  Denetra Hampton, Founder, Nurse

The Master Class: Nursing Science

A student of her craft for over 15 years. Denetra created the NCLEX study model and course that is designed to build NURSING SCIENCE in the student who has not been able to pass the NCLEX; the test that allows for nurses to practice professionally. 


Denetra understands that every student is different and has fine tuned her mastery to adapt to each students needs. Although there are many variables to why a student may not be successful, Denetra firmly believes it is the solid foundation of nursing science that creates long-term learning.


An animated study series that focuses on nursing science from an anatomical approach. The series will be narrated by Denetra with real life simulated scenarios of patient care.

Denetra is the founder of the Nursing Education and Study Center, a unique open study workspace for nursing and health sciences. Located in Suffolk, Va.


Digital Learning


Students can study and learn from our growing digital library with a focus on nursing and health sciences.


Open Study Space

Our open study space is designed for students who want to empower their own learning. Enjoy coffee area, chalkboard, library, and clinical sites.

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