“Nursing has been the foundation for all that I do. It gave me an opportunity to make a difference and actually see it." 


—  Denetra Hampton, Founder, Nurse

The Master Class

A student of my craft for over 10 years. I created the NCLEX study model and course that is designed to build NURSING SCIENCE in students who have not been able to pass the NCLEX, the test that allows for nursing professional practice. I have never been a fan of test-taking skills or short cuts to mastering nursing material. I teach nursing science.  It is the foundation for all success in the profession, and the fundamental single thing that is missing in those who can't pass the NCLEX.


An animated series that depicts the life and times of things that go down at the Nursing Education and Study Center. Students from all walks of life enter the way.  Although they don't all leave the same.

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