The Story-Teller

Denetra has taken her work of bridging gaps in health equity and diversity from the classroom to the big screen.  Whether it is a documentary or Ed-tech,she is helping institutions, and businesses meet their cultural competence goals.

Digital Lecture Series

Welcome to my Digital Leadership Lecture Series.

The series consists of (3) distinct learning experiences.  Character, Competence and Culture in nursing, business and public health.  As a nurse, historian, filmmaker and producer, I am sharing fifteen years of multicultural resources into this dynamic leadership workspace.   


It was designed for leaders to learn from engaging digital architecture that addresses pressing issues affecting our day-to-day operations.


Whether you are an emerging leader or a seasoned expert.... I have an experience for you.


A Cinematic

Nursing is the largest sector of healthcare.  Undoubtedly a key component of every level of care. It's important that we train our next generation of leaders from a multidiscipline approach.  That's what this workspace is all about.


Gain access to my cinematic and scientific content as I continue the journey of leadership.

Desk with Book

Cultural Competence vs. Cultural Confidence



The Cultural Experience

Let's face it, culture is a significant part of our everyday experience.  As leaders it is vital to be on the cutting edge of assessments, strategies and policies.

If you are like me, you like to be able to speak to critical, national and even global initiatives that are changing the landscape of healthcare.

The cultural experience of our legendary leadership workspace will cover key topics such as diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, executive presence, decision-making, health literacy, and racism, just to name a few.

What To Expect

Leadership is the foundation for any company, organization or profession. The ability to maintain efficiency and efficacy throughout the ranks is important for the growth and sustainment of those serving in leadership roles.  Our courses provide a cinematic experience that storylines selective topics that empower those taking on leadership positions or already serving in the role. From business acumen to crisis management, students experience stories of impact and change fostering confidence and competence. 


Public Health Is In A Crisis.

Racism. Equity. Pandemic. Social Justice. Medicine.