• Denetra Hampton

On My Desk: Lessons From a Solo Entrepreneur

Updated: Jul 18

Although not talked or written about much, the solo entrepreneur is emerging in droves via the Covid-19 Pandemic, and may finally get the recognition they need as a viable entity of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship has long been associated with big funds, high-tech networks, hundreds of employees and large brand partnerships. Rarely do we recognize the root of the cause, and that is the solo entrepreneur. The solo entrepreneur has historically defined entrepreneurship from taking a problem and finding a community solution to passing down an entire legacy of hard work. After all, that is the nuts and bolts of the game. And believe it or not, 80% of successful businesses started with one person.

Get Your Own Funding

Strategically, investors choose companies to invest in by analyzing their financial, managerial, operational and marketing position. Although important to understand that everyone wants to make a ROI on their ventures; also it's important to note that most investors invest from a personal perspective. Which means, personal lives aren't connected to grassroots solopreneurs. This is the main reason funding is so difficult for grassroots projects to acquire.

Small Business is Big Business

In 2020, the number of small businesses in the US reached 31.7 million, making up nearly 99.9 percent of U. S. businesses. Now more than ever, it is important to invest in the solopreneur. They are an intricate part of creating jobs thus empowering economic growth. Entrepreneurs of all stripes are taking advantage of new found opportunities, starting new endeavors and making huge impact in the industry. Wake Up America, The Solo Entrepreneur Has Arrived.


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