The Course

"Solo entrepreneurship is not the easiest route, but I chose it deliberately.  After 10 years, I would not change a thing".

A 5-Part Series that empowers the solo entrepreneur.

A Digital Business Class

A 5-Series Lessons Learned to Winning As A Solo Entrepreneur

Course Notifications
The first series of our SOLO PROJECT is the BRANDING SERIES. Join me as I share my conversations and experiences over the past 10 years of developing a media global platform.  I will be breaking down this series into (4) storytelling business modules.


The first series in the project is designed to give focus and direction for an already implemented idea.


Branding for the solo entrepreneur is about being able to tell a compelling story that has direct impact on the world.


The successful solo entrepreneur has to develop a template for  individual success. I will help guide you with our template designs.


Developing a library tailored to your own services or product is key to mastering content  specifically for your audience.

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