Denetra Hampton

Producer. Filmmaker. Historian. Philanthropist. Nurse.

Story-telling is one of the oldest crafts of our historical tapestery. It set my soul on fire and I am grateful that the universe chose me.  I come as one, but I am accompanied by many.



Denetra has honed her craft of filmmaking and executive leadership through over 15 years of grassroots development.  She has built an educational empire founded on science, diversity and public health.


 Her strategic implementation of story-telling is grounded in diverse strategies elevating her to speak at some of the most prestigious platforms in the country.  She continues to empower the role of the nurse scientist and why it is invaluable to health equity.


Hello Everyone!

Everyone has a story. I believe your life experience is your professional canvas.  As a filmmaker, I understand the importance of a moment and the lessons that can be learned.  I am excited about sharing my journey.. through film.


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