Health equity is achieved when every person has the opportunity to attain his or her full health potential. Across the nation, gaps in health are large, persistent and increasing. As racism and structural bias become mainstream topics, I am committed to raising the voice of nursing science and its role in helping bridge gaps.

Story-telling is one of the oldest crafts of our historical tapestery. It set my soul on fire and I am grateful that the universe chose me.  I come as one, but I am accompanied by many.

Story-telling has become the tool of my trade.  Through a cinematic lens, I have been fortunate to bring nursing to the screen. Changing the narrative on how nurses of color have contributed to medicine and research through diversity, public health, social justice. 



It's been a journey, but I have honed a craft of filmmaking and executive leadership over 15 years, through mostly grassroots development.  Building an educational platform grounded in science, diversity and public health has been the driving force for all of my story-telling and leadership.


I am a believer that competence, culture and character are necessary for leaders to confront complex issues with confidence, build velocity of decision-making, and adjust to challenging landscapes.  These strategies have elevated  me to speak at some of the most prestigious platforms in the country, continuing to empower nursing science and its' role in health equity.

This is what I do.



Chasing History

As a historian and filmmaker my journey has taken me to places that particularly speak to the history of nursing, medicine, and public health. My work is focused on bringing awareness about those stories that embolden efforts and strategies that help close gaps of health inequities.