Story-telling is one of the oldest crafts of our historical tapestery. It set my soul on fire and I am grateful that the universe chose me.  I come as one, but I am accompanied by many.

Denetra Hampton, Producer, Filmmaker, Philanthropist


Denetra has honed her craft of a Diversity and Inclusion leader through over 15 years of grassroots development.  She has built an educational empire founded on science, diversity and global health.


 Her strategic implementation of diversity strategies has elevated her to speak at some of the most prestigious platforms in the country.  She continues to raise the voice of nursing from grassroots initiatives to the executive boardroom.


A philanthropist, Denetra spearheaded the 

Locol-To-Global Philanthropy Initiative that supports grassroots

organizations locally, socially and globally.

Sponsored by For Nurses By Nurses Productions.

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The Story