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A Walk In The Park

Throughout the day, check in with yourself. When you sense that control may be slipping away, pause, take a breath, and take a walk.

This week has been literally a walk in the park. The ability to be in alignment mentally and physically feels like a walk in the park on a sunny day. In addition, with everyday that I am given, I realize the real success is the journey. Throughout the day I check in with myself, and if I need to take a break, I do. It sharpens my focus.

Top focus this week:

Creativity. A rare commodity, creativity must be cultivated.

Policies: Whether it is personal or professional. It is important to assess and apply to your unique life/business.

People: I love being a wife. One of my favorite things of being in the woman club, so I am deliberate about thanking my husband for this wonderful life.

Every good park has a library.

Every great park has as garden scenery.

Til Next Time,




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