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Diversity is a Humanitarian Crisis

The year 2020 will go down in history as one of the most crisis plaqued of our time. Diversity and Inclusion tops the list.

More than ever, diversity is key to building productive teams. As our country continues to grabble with inequities in race, gender and culture, any organization that does not prioritize diversity and inclusion will lack the ability to move forward in a relevant and people-centered way.

While many leaders have made performative statements about their intentions to power-up on diversity, actionable items are slow to roll-out. Nothing defeats intentions about diverse team building more than unclear messaging. We must be clear about diversity and inclusion.

As leaders we must be intentional about creating spaces that empower diversity personally as well as collectively----it's just good living.

This year as been one of the most crisis plaqued years in the history of our nation. Diversity and Inclusion tops the list.



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