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Chasing History: The Underground Railroad

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

The George Washington Birthplace National Monument is a national monument in Westmoreland County, Virginia, United States. This site was a colonial tobacco plantation developed by Englishman John Washington in the mid-17th century. (Wikipedia)

It was an amazing place to visit, as it is a part of the Underground Railroad Historical Landmarks.

The house above is a replicated version of the house that George Washington was born in. The original home was burned to the ground in 1779.

The tree stump below is one that was planted by Native Americans and believed to be medicinal, at the time of building of the home.

As I continue to move through my historian process, there is a growing understanding that nothing compares to being there, and walking the natural parts of a story. History-telling has always seemed quiet loafing, however, I digress. Indeed, I have a new super-power.

Below is the entrance to the gravesite for the Washington Legacy.

Gardens that represent the colonial of times.

The front entrance.

If you have a chance to visit this historical place, be sure to bring your camera.



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