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Chasing History: The Underground Road Trip To Delaware

Updated: Feb 22

My stay at the historical Hotel DuPont was a discovery of enchanting stories and spellbinding architecture. A captivating world of spellbinding stories and mezmerizing ambience.

Written by Denetra Hampton

Hotel DuPont, Wilmington, Delaware, 2024
Chasing History: The Underground Road Trip

The creation of our travel series, Chasing History: The Underground Network was a result of my becoming a member of the Network To Freedom. A network that consists of over 700 stops that were a part of the legendary, Underground Railroad. I am committed to experiencing as many as I can in my lifetime. Furthermore, it has been the fundamental learning in my historian experiences.

Being able to travel to places that represent the African American lived experience since slavery has become something to look forward to. Chasing history has provided a sort of destination classroom; a curation of historians, lecturers, activists and story-tellers. Along with a reminder that those who study history must always find ways to teach the difficult moments from our past.

Network Stops In Delaware

A three day weekend from Virginia to Delaware was enough time to relive three of the stops on the network to freedom list. First stop was the Tilly Escape Landmark. The Tilly Escape has been considered by historians as one of the most complicated escapes by Harriet Tubman. Occurring in 1856 a young woman by the name of Tilly was led from Baltimore to Philadelphia out of slavery by Harriet Tubman. The risk was having to prove they were free women during the escape and they would have to use both modes of transportation water and land. The rest is history.

The marker is located in Seaford, Delaware, the first stop Tilly and Harriet made on their journey from Baltimore.

Stop #2. The New Castle Courthouse was where prominent abolitionist, Thomas Garrett was tried. He was a close friend of Harriet Tubman and advocate for the underground railroad. It is located in New Castle, Delaware.

Photo: FNBN Productions

Stop #3. The John Dickinson Plantation is located in Dover, Delaware. It was the childhood home of John Dickinson who is known as the "Penman of the Revolution" but also held hundreds of slaves in servitude.

On March 9, 2021 archeologists found a burial ground on the plantation, said to hold over 400 slaves.

Photo: FNBN Productions

Stay tuned to the short film on Chasing History Through Delaware. Coming in April, 2024.



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