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Scientific Story telling has become a critical tool in bridging inequities. Innovative in preserving and restoring the health sciences

Denetra is the founder and producer of  For Nurses By Nurses Productions, the leading production media platform with a mission and vision in advancing health equity.


Denetra is the founder of For Nurses By Nurses Productions, a media platform that includes a leadership initiative, a digital  nursing & health science library, and film production company. Denetra's work is focused on bridging gaps in health inequities through scientific-storytelling.


She is a 22-year Navy Veteran, and a former United States Naval Nurse Corps Officer.  Her educational  background consists of a Bachelors of Science in Nursing,  and a Masters in Health Services Administration.  


 Having studied public health and diversity abroad, Denetra attended a mission trip to Chile and Argentina that allowed her to participate in group think tanks with diverse nursing, medical and public health executives.


Additionally, she was a guest speaker to nursing students at the Universidad Finis Terrae and Hospital San Jose, in Santiago Chile.

In 2018, Denetra released her first mini-documentary, The Black Angels: A Nurse's Story, the story of African American Nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with tuberculosis in the 1940's, at Seaview Hospital, when white nurses refused, and there was no cure.


She has since produced multiple films to include, Year of The Nurse and Midwife: A Film Project, Racism in Nursing: The African American Nursing Experience ,The Dixie 3: A Story on Civil Rights in Nursing and her current project, The First Four. Inspired By True Events.

Denetra is a member of the American Historical Association and the American Historical Association for the Study of African American Life and History.


She is an extremely sought after KeyNote speaker and consultant of health equity initiatives.


Through Scientific Story Telling

Through her continued work of scientific-storytelling, Denetra has dedicated an unprecedented pallet of research to advancing the science. The Conversation in Leadership Campaign was designed to create a candid conversation with heatlhcare leaders on the importance of story telling to bridging gaps in inequities. 

Invite Denetra for your next fireside chat or forum to discuss our the next generation and the narrative they sahre is critical to disparities in a nation's health.

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