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Advancing The Science

Film Residency

A restorer and preservationist of nursing and medical stories Denetra has released ground breaking work that raises the consciousness of nursing science and how it contributes to medicine and research.  She conducts a film residency that includes:

  • A selection of (3) films

  • Curated Film Exhibits for each film

  • Post Screening Research Discussions

  • A year long research commitment that engages your audiences.

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Advancing The Science
Through Scientific Story-Telling

Host Denetra for one of her film residencies. Insitutions will get an immersive research experience that includes a film, exhibits and producer discussion on the behind-the-scenes and making of the film.  Furthermore, why story-telling is critical to advancing the science of nursing and medicine.


Upcoming 2024

Los Angeles,California

Hollywood, California

Syracuse, New York

Washington, D.C.

Seattle, Washington

Chicago, Illinois

Richmond, Virginia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Palm Beach, Florida

Orlando, Florida



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