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The Luray Caverns: Experiences Matter

Besides experiencing the largest caverns on the east coast, it was one of the most magical of times I have had. The Luray Caverns is a natural landmark, in my opinion, astonishingly lives up to its' ancillary... NATURAL.

Visiting new places has major psychological advantages. Primarily, it challenges the brain to view different perspectives and allows new forms of thinking to emerge. I render this as improving my critical thinking and cultural competence, which is important to me as I grow personally and professionally. Experiences Matter.


The brain never stops responding to change

as a learning tool.


Anyone who has ever experienced The Luray Caverns-over 500,000 people annually-feels the instant effect of its' magic. Full disclosure, it was my first time, so this added to the euphoria I experienced. Although I did some research prior to my visit, and watched multiple videos, it was no substitute for being there. Experiences Matter.

So, I knew it would be magical. And it was.

Discovered in 1878 and located in Luray, Virginia, the natural landmark caverns are adorned with mirrored pools, columns and mud flows. A construct of chambers with cathedral-like rooms and walk-ways that light up with a golden hue, I was amazed at every turn.

There is something supernatural about the art of a personal experience. Not only do you have a one-of-a-kind gift, but no one can dispute it. But more than just the unique gift, it provides so much more, such as inspiration, creativity, resourcefulness and bonafide bossness. Experiences Matter.

Whatever your profession, position or belief, I don't think that anyone can contribute from an authentic way to our world, without having experienced it.

Be encouraged to make more experiences.

As I traveled through the cave, all I could think about was what I would write, from the alchemy to the mystery.



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