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Advancing The Science: A Global Initiative Through Scientific Story-Telling

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Health professionals are becoming more important in the efforts to educate and help implement policy that addresses how climate change is affecting people and their communities.

Through her continued work of scientific-storytelling, Denetra has dedicated an unprecedented pallette of research to advancing the science. The initiative intersects the history of climate change with the social determinants of health and its' effect on the most vulnerable populations and communities.

Whether it be abandoned clinics or housing developments due to a lack of economic support, research shows that climate change affects the SDOH of our future generations; and people have stories that we can learn from. The Advance The Science Campaign is centered on raising the consciousness of nursing science and how it can make an impact through storytelling.

Join Denetra for her carefully curated events, lectures and film that are dedicated to creating a space for change.

The Advancing The Science Campaign will start with a research and reception Black History Month Forum. Denetra is joined by Nurse Scientist, Dr. Dana Hines and Public Health Scholar, Jacquelyn Claude for a candid discussion on the research conducted in the making of the 2018 documentary, THE BLACK ANGELS: A NURSE'S STORY.

The discussion will accompany three exhibits that delve into the life of Black Angel, Marjorie Tucker Reed, The Nursing Science Behind the Film and The African American Nursing Experience.

The research discussion is set for February 17, 2024 at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture in Richmond, Va., at 6:00PM



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