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Every Saturday is Small Business Saturday: On Order

There is nothing wrong with running a small business. Let's talk about ORDER. If you are a solopreneur, the fundamental element for elevation is ORDER. The most important thing about ORDER is that you are prepared to handle the next level of execution.

One of the biggest debates in business is which is more valuable, the idea or the ability to execute the idea. I vehemently agree with the latter. It is the execution that produces the next opportunity and the next. But execution can only be accomplished through intentional order in the most mundane of events. The mastering of receiving, tracking and shipping your product or service in a way that people can rely on with excellence.

Although this is important for every business. It is specifically key for the solopreneur. The solopreneur does not have the colossal workspace that the Fortune 500 company does; forcing more eyes on the individual than the company. This can be a daunting place to be if you are not in order. On the other hand, order creates a much bigger space for the small business owner to operate much bigger than they appear.

Whether it is administrative, or legal. Get your affairs in order. It will be worth it.



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