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Facts on Minority Health

April is National Minority Health Month. Health disparities have always been a persistent challenge in our healthcare system as a result of life long racial and socioeconomic divide. As our country grapples with increased demographic change and racial protests, health outcomes have been at the forefront for all involved. Whether we are talking about the global pandemic or mental health, studies show, there are clear health disparities.

One estimate indicates that despite comprising only 13% of the U.S. population, non-Hispanic Black people accounted for 34% of COVID-related deaths. The causes driving these vastly different outcomes are numerous, often generational in timescale, sometimes inter-related, and geographically dependent, all of which make effective research and policy responses difficult.

Social Determinants of Health are key in reducing health disparities. It is important that attention be focused on what is known about the role of socioeconomic status, access to screenings, comorbidities and lifestyle factors, which all have an affect on health outcomes.

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