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Leaders are Readers

How Developing A Habit of Reading Changed My Perspective on Leadership Development.

photo credit: Shawn Hampton

I have found throughout my professional development that being intentional about reading has improved my leadership capacity in many ways. As innovation continues to be a critical topic in healthcare, the value of reading, in my opinion, is the spark for change. Therefore, when leaders are voracious readers, they present a plethora of experiences.

Every quarter I select three books that I believe can empower my culture, competence and/or character. Might I add, that the selections are diverse on all levels by deliberation. It is important to me to learn from everyone's writing and perspective.

photo credit: Shawn Hampton

The book hunt typically includes perspectives from leading women CEO's, historians, poets, scientist, black culturalist and world travelers. I am deeply inspired by those who lead through science.

photo credit: Shawn Hampton

Nursing is not known for leadership and does not invest in the prowess that must be obtained to lead effectively. However, having served in the military for 22 years, helped buffer a crippling that most of my colleagues possess. So, how has reading changed my perspective on leadership development.?

  • Books are a resource gold-mine.

  • Reading has helped with my writing.

  • I have learned from the failures of those who chose to write about them.

  • Creativity is sparked exponentially.

  • Reading has improved my interwiewing process and efficiencey

  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) is more important than Intellectual intellengence (IQ) when dealing with people.

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