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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Leadership Community!

Welcome to my Leadership Workspace. In this space I share my journey through leadership and entrepreneurship. Most lessons learned are from my experiences and career as a veteran, nurse and filmmaker. If you are interested in the extended version of the platform join For Nurses By Nurses & Friends

In this exclusive content development workspace, I share my (3) key focus areas of buildout: Culture, Competence and Character.

So, what can you expect from this community?

  • Self-Paced Workspace: As leaders it is important to be able to navigate our learning workspaces on our own time at our own pace. I totally get it. This is why I created the digital landscape in this fashion. I want to meet you exactly where you are. So all of my courses are self-paced.

  • Exclusivity: Nothing is more important than VALUE when it comes to any aspect of our personal and professional development. As we all try to keep our heads above water in a world drowning in data, it's important to have a place to get specific information and content. It's important to me, and I know it is important to you as well.

  • Leadership Science: As a story-teller I have learned that data and science are vital to building certain leadership skills such as communication. Nothing gives the emerging leader more confidence than being able to articulate their point through a digital terrain. This is why I provide facts and a resources through a cinematic workspace for our history collections, artistic graphics and more. As a historian I have learned, nothing is more valuable than actually being there.

  • Film & Cinematics: As a filmmaker, story-telling is fundamental to my message. It gives me an opportunity to offer engaging cinematic conversations on difficult topics that affect us all globally.

  • Community Updates: I will keep you posted on upcoming news, events and of course learning materials.

  • Growing Community of Connections: It's important to be able to connect to diverse people with diverse perspectives and global presence. But what is more important is being able to engage with them. This is why our exclusive community rocks! I can't wait to meet all of yall at our annual meet and greet.

Let's get the party started!



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