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I Am Nursing Science Project

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

A curated digital series on key factors affecting the science of nursing and the future of nursing education. Join Denetra for articles, audio lectures, videos and film.

In this I AM NURSING SCIENCE PROJECT, I will be discussing some key post-covid and policies, guidelines and procedural factors that affect the science of nursing and pressing issues that could potentially derail the future of nursing if not adequately addressed.

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the magnitude of health inequities, highlighted structural racism and the frailty of the nursing workforce.—and simultaneously transformed it forever. Post-covid conversations, strategies and initiatives tend to focus on possible solutions rather than actual reality. Furthermore, the shelving of how historical interactions, failures and the lack of preparation have all contributed to current challenges in our educational crisis thus looming in vague conversations.

So, as we move into the last quarter of the year 2023, I will be addressing key post-covid factors that are critical to the future of nurses. These discussions will be the foundation for the launch of our I AM NURSING SCIENCE PROJECT.

Nursing Education & Inequities

First, the burden of responsibility in preparing the next generation of nurses for a more cultural patient demographic, is overwhelming. I must admit, the temporary shift of consciousness by nursing leadership toward a more equitable toolbox has been short-lived. Who benefits from this uncertain process? Students.

The palette around nursing education is bright with the inclusion of design, story-telling and the great expectations of technology. Educators are not getting the level of support needed to empower their current expertise to support these advanced endeavors. As a filmmaker I now realize the depth of inequities and disparities in nursing education and nothing convinces me more of the importance of history.

Creating A Path Historical Context

Emphasizing the need for the inclusion of a more robust and historical curriculum in our nursing education will be priority in I AM NURSING SCIENCE PROJECT. I will emphasize the importance of multidiscipline research and the importance of the role of the nurse scientist.

I am looking forward to the first VLOG! Follow us on instagram @iamnursingscience.



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