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Chasing History: Edgar Allen Poe

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” ― Edgar Allen Poe.

photo: Edgar Allen Poe and Virginia Clemm. Wikipedia

According to historical accounts, On May 16, 1836 the famous poet, Edgar Allen Poe married Virginia Clemm in Richmond, Virginia. Virginia was not only his cousin, but she was thirteen years old; he was twenty-seven. After the ceremony, they traveled to Petersburg, Virginia for their honeymoon. Hiram Haines, magazine editor, Constellation, was the owner of the hotel in which they stayed, which is now the Hiram Haines Coffee House.

Edgar and Virginia were married for 11 years before she died from tuberculosis.


Since becoming a historian I am convinced about the lived experience. People can tell you about it, but it really doesn't matter, if you didn't see it for yourself. One is a fantasy, one is magical.

In my latest chase of history, I visited the historical hotel of Hiram Haines in Petersburg, Va. It was located on W. Bank St, undeniable with the ravens of Poe located in its signature. The building was colossal in age as well as time.

The locals regrettably warned me that the history will be lost soon. The building would be torn down and one of the most mystical, romantic events in history would only be a memory. I am glad I visited. It was magical.

Thank you Edgar Allen Poe.



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