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Chasing History: The Underground Road Trip

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

When filmmaking entered my life, I quickly learned the importance of facts, verification of those facts and a personal experience of the roots of a story.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - St. Augustine

Life's Curve Ball

Sometimes life will throw you a curve ball to put you on an unseen path to your destiny. This is what happened to me. Everyday I got up to teach nursing science on a chalkboard in my little shop in Suffolk, Va. It never occurred to me that the teachings, lessons, mistakes and students that I encountered throughout this process would lead me to being a producer of film and owning a production company. But here I am.

It's All In The Hat

“The problem with a wish list was what it told you about the person who wrote it. If it's honest, it's a rock-bottom, barebones, clear shot all the way to someone's soul.

Hats can do the same thing.” - Charles Martin, Where the River Ends

I found this quote about a hat and the hatter. It spoke to what I wanted to say about this chapter in my life, my story-telling. It's all in the hat. The hat that is taking this journey with me.

Chasing History

And so it has begun. My journey into nursing, medicine, public health and culture..all through film. But don't get so bogged down with those four distinct things. Who knows what I may experience? I know that to fully understand myself, those around me and my work, I must experience not just myself, but the culture of others and their work as well.

Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel and follow along. It's going to be exciting.

The first VLOG will post August 15th as I take you on a journey to Hampton Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.



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